Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do I need to pre-order?

 Pre-order with full payment is required at least 5 days prior to your pick-up date.

We want you to enjoy your favorite pastries as fresh as possible, so all your orders are handcrafted by Ingrid less than a day before your pick-up.
No refund is available once the order is placed. You can place your order here.


  1. How do I order?
We are taking all of our orders online here.
If you are looking for bespoke desserts that fit your diet, you are most welcome to chat with us via WhatsApp or Instagram. Please bear with us as the line might be busy, and that your order might take a few more days to process.
  1. Is there any minimum quantity for my order?
 Order options:
- 6 pieces, 2 flavors max.
- 12 pieces, 4 flavors max.
Order options:
- 6 pieces, 2 flavors max.
- 12 pieces, 4 flavors max.
Minimum order: 8 pieces.
- 1 flavor for every 4 pieces.
Whole Cakes 
Minimum order: 1 whole cake (4.5”/5.5”/6”)
- Recommended portion:
4.5” for 2-5 person;
5” for 6-8 person;
6” for 9+ person.
  1. How do I pick up my orders at Ingrid’s?
All orders will be available for pick-up at the studio. Just give us the name and number used for your order at the front door, and we will bring you your lovely cake. You can find our location here.
Please note that if your cake is not picked up on the date you requested, your order will be automatically cancelled without a refund—don’t forget to set a reminder on your calendar!


  1. Do you offer a delivery option?
Yes, we do!

You may select the delivery option when you place an order. Your order will be delivered by GoGoVan at your own expense and risk.
Please note that the delivery range is set by GoGoVan, and you need to pick up the cake at the van as the driver does not provide door-to-door delivery service.

The delivery fee is non-refundable once the order is placed. Please visit here to get a fee estimation.


  1. Is your studio open for indoor dining?

Not at this moment. Right now, our cooking studio is not open to the public. Self pick-up is available by appointment only.

  1. Do you offer any products besides gluten-free and vegan selections?

Ingrid’s focuses on making low-sugar vegan treats that are free from gluten, eggs, dairy and butter.

Special items such as keto desserts may be on our menu from time to time. Subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss out on any of our surprises!

  1. Do you offer bespoke service?

Looking for something special for the occasion, and exquisite treats that suit your dietary needs? Discuss with us here.