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      To Ingrid, the idea of baking is a form of empowerment. When she is happy, baking brings more happiness to her and the people around; when she is tired and feeling blue, baking is a powerful medicine to heal her heart and soul.
      對 Ingrid 來說,烘焙的想法是一種賦權。在她開心的時候,烘焙給她和周圍的人帶來更多的快樂;當她感到疲倦和憂鬱時,烘焙是一種治愈她的心靈和靈魂的強大藥物。
       Most importantly,  Ingrid would like to bring a message to those who are suffering from food allergy that they are still entitled to enjoy what they love to eat!
      更重要的是,Ingrid 想告訴那些患有食物過敏症的人,他們仍然可以好好享受他們喜歡吃的東西!
       As such, Ingrid is happy to share some of her gluten-free and vegan recipes with you! Are you ready to bake with Ingrid? :D
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