Our Story

From Allergy to Bakery

How It All Started

Ingrid has always been a big fan of pastries and desserts, but she often finds the offerings from famous chain stores too sweet or too buttery. Like many great designers, she started bringing her vision to life when she couldn’t find something she liked in the market, and began her baking experiment.


Going Vegan and Gluten-free

In 2005, Ingrid suffered from skin inflammation for the first time. Both Western and Chinese medicine doctors advised her to avoid consuming egg, dairy, gluten, wheat, and even sugar. Ingrid started to bake without those ingredients,  though she was not entirely sure about her food intolerance—until she experienced a serious breakout in 2017.

This was when Ingrid became very cautious and careful about her diet. She went through an elimination diet, where she completely stopped consuming gluten and dairy products for more than 18 months, and gradually tested for symptoms. Baking vegan and gluten-free treats became a great solace to her during this challenging period.



You Are Not Alone

Although Ingrid's body is now more comfortable with gluten, milk and eggs, she wants everyone who suffers from various food intolerance to know that they are not alone, and things do get better with proper treatment and diet—a diet that can still include exquisite desserts.


Sweet Comfort

Throughout her baking journey, customers often express their gratitude of finally finding Ingrid’s. She finds joy in knowing that her customers can finally enjoy their favorite desserts without worrying about triggering their food allergies.