From The Baking Fun to Ingrid’s Bakeology



In 2018, Ingrid started to document her recipes at The Baking Fun’s Instagram account. The name represents the joy and happiness Ingrid finds in baking. When she is happy, baking brings more happiness to her and the people around; when she is tired and feeling blue, baking is a powerful medicine to heal her heart and soul.


Soon after posting on Instagram, Ingrid’s inbox was flooded with requests for recipes. She was both surprised and happy that people would be interested in her recipes. Some fans would thank Ingrid for her amazing recipes and shared with her how great the cakes turned out. Their heartwarming messages encouraged Ingrid to explore and develop new recipes.





In 2019, Ingrid started baking gluten-free and vegan treats to friends and family, spreading even greater joy to everyone who sampled her creations. She also participated in fundraising and handicraft fairs. After gaining more and more experience, she finally opened her baking studio in 2021.




Ingrid decided to name her bakery “Ingrid’s Bakeology”, as all of her recipes are developed by herself based on numerous testing and continuous modifications along the way. Her bakeology can be summed up with this simple formula: Love + Vegan – Gluten – Sugar!


Ingrid finds comfort in desserts—whether she is baking them or enjoying them, and she wants to share the happiness with everyone, despite their dietary needs. The Baking Fun will become a vegan baking school soon, and Ingrid cannot wait to bake with you!