Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕
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Chocolate Cake 朱古力蛋糕

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Deliciously moist and irresistibly rich, this chocolate cake is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free , butter-free, and low in carbs!

We add in some hazelnut flour to give it an extra nutty, chocolaty aroma. This is a cake you would like to share with family and friends for a quality time!

Main Ingredients:

- Cacao powder, gluten-free flour (contains nuts flour), rice milk, rice oil, coconut sugar.  



In the (unlikely) event that you have to store your unfinished dessert in the fridge, we recommend keeping it in the fridge with our packaging to keep it as fresh as possible.

For bread, we recommend slicing into pieces then freeze the bread in a Ziplock bag. Easy peasy!

Reheating Tips

For cupcake/cake, please allow it to come to room temperature before serving.  

For madeleines/muffin/bread, you can:

i. Reheat the foil wrapped pastry in the oven; OR

ii. Steam it! Yes, you read it correctly—STEAM. This traditional Chinese cooking skill will keep our bakeries pleasantly chewy. We received so many positive comments for this reheating method, It's your turn to try it!

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